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How To Fly During A Pandemic... DON’T!

Have you seen the numbers?  In your city or state? At your destination? Have you seen the unsettling uptake in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths since March? Have you read the literature surrounding the current Stay-At-Home orders, and are you aware of the current ICU capacity (or lack thereof).  This is a SERIOUS MATTER. If you DO NOT have to fly, I am not at all advising you to do so.  However, some of us, during the last (almost) year of quarantines and rising numbers, had to travel.  This was my situation and I have been on four cross-country flights, and I did it minimizing risks, and keeping those around me safe.  I want to share my process with you in case it may help.

1.) Buying a flight

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been plenty of airline deals, which have been enticing to avid travelers like me.  The companies also offered no fees for rescheduling or cancellation, so it made it easier to change plans.  While you can buy your flight ahead of time, I don’t recommend buying it too early, because it won’t give you a good sense of how packed the flight will be.  Also research your airlines.  What are they doing for upgraded cleaning protocols?  Are they booking to capacity?  What percentage?  Middle seat open?  All of these are factors you should consider.  

2.) Prep for your flight

Yo, have you seen this video?  Naomi Campbell has flight prep on lock!  I followed her tips for prepping.  I ordered this suit.  These goggles.  Even took extra vitamins and emergenC to prep my body. You should have a separate bag for FLIGHT DAY ESSENTIALS.  I love these travel bags.  

3.) Travel Day

The airport for me is the worst part.  I am just so nervous about the amount of people in the airport, how utterly comfortable everyone else seems.  Like why are there so many noses out?  Are you all really that hungry that you feel comfortable enough to leisurely eat your meal in this airport?  So yes, you can find me on the floor, the only place I can get 6-8 feet of personal space.  I also eat very little the day of, to ensure that I do not have to go to the bathroom in the airport or during the flight.  I am usually a great traveler, and love the sights from the clouds, but flying during a global pandemic sends my anxiety sky high.  I take ZZZquil gummies or Calm gummies to fall fast asleep on the flight.  

4.) Arrival

Mask up, windows down while transporting to your destination.  My dad picked me up from the airport and we both wore our masks.  I also sat in the backseat to put as much space as possible between us.  I then began my quarantine at my parents’ house.  Both of my parents are in their 60s and have preexisting conditions (don’t we all) so safety was super important.  Their home has 3 floors, so it was relatively easy to keep my distance from them.  I quarantined in a room for about a week and then I went to get tested.  I stayed in quarantine and following safety protocols until my test results were in.  The best part was that my parents would bring meals and items to the hallway so that I wouldn’t be in the kitchen.  I was also able to use a separate bathroom from them during this time.  My mom liked to throw items into the room when I needed them, LOL.  

5.) Testing

Search the city’s free testing events.  I was able to catch an event multiple times. Or go to the city’s health department for testing.  CVS and many other pharmacies (RiteAid, Walgreens, depending on your city/state) also offer free testing. Know which test you are getting.  

Make it safe, but make it fashion!

I realize I may have gone a bit overboard with my planning and process of flying during a pandemic, but the extreme measures have kept me and my loved ones safe.  

So what do you think?  Did I over do it?  Or will you use these tips?

Stay Safe Phriends and ResearcHERs.

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