The Scholar

                                            Reka Barton is a Literacy and Dual Language Specialist.  She has held many positions in PreK-12+ education including District Literacy Leader, Biliteracy Curriculum Writer, Professional Development Facilitator, Dual Language Coach, and Adjunct Professor.  Reka graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Psychology, and a Master of Teaching.  She has presented at numerous national conferences including La Cosecha and CABE. Reka is currently pursuing a doctoral degree  her research focuses on dual language, teacher education, and equity. 

The Sewist

Reka's sewing debut began at 8 years old when her mother taught her to sew.  At that age Reka preferred to just buy the clothes because sewing took too long, but she would always utilize her basic skills to add zippers and buttons or some other detail to ensure that no one could replicate the look.  It wasn't until her mid-20s when sewing came back in style for her.  She returned to sewing as a stress reliever, and would watch project runway with her mother and plan her latest designs.  She started an afterschool sewing club for 7-10 year olds and it was then where her passions for education and sewing merged.
The Sightseer 

Although Reka didn't get on her first flight until she was 18 years old, that hasn't slowed down her #jetsetlife.  To date, Reka's travels span 17 countries and 3 continents and as soon as this global punishment is lifted, she plans to get back to it.  Some of her most memorable adventures include Brazil for the 2016 Olympics, EL Salvador as part of a Literacy Brigade, and Switzerland as a doctoral student on a Research Abroad experience with San Diego State University. 


The Squad

Reka's squad, lovingly called "Pham", is made up of scholars, sewists, sightseers, and centers Women of Color in this academic sphere. As Reka was looking for how she fit into this PhD world, she realized that she didn't necessarily fit, and that she didn't have to. Instead, she chose to tailor a space that centers and supports WOC as we move through the pathway to the professoriate - PhemmeD. It is with the support of this PhemmeD community that we can move through intentionally and unapologetically with all of our fashion and femininity.  All the while, lifting as we climb.