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Consulting & Coaching

Teacher Coach

With ten years of teaching experience at the elementary level, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with other educators, especially novice teachers.  My areas of expertise are Literacy, Biliteracy, Technology, and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.  

Dual Language Coach

Starting and sustaining Dual Language Programming is not a one-time job.  I work extensively with DLPs through teacher development, program evaluation, classroom observations, admin advocacy workshops to ensure a program created and designed to reach the needs of the students, teachers, and community.  

Sewing Coach

My mom instilled higher order thinking, problem-solving, creativity and innovation via teaching me to sew.  I now take great pride in doing the same with young girls.  Either in small group sessions, summer camps, or 1:1 lessons, I stitch empowerment and worth into little girls by teaching them the lifelong skill of sewing.  

Curriculum Coach

Every classroom is only as good as the curriculum it is implemented.  One of my mentors once told me "there are 3 curriculums-- the one you write, the one you teach, and the one in your head."  I work with curriculum teams to unpack the three components and marry them into one that is designed to reach all students.